Towel Ihram

We have a wide range of ihrams made from soft 100% cotton terry towelling fabric making it ideal to wear during the hot hajj or umrah season. We have a range of qualities of fabric which we offer in different GSM weight. We offer these products in single retail orders or if you want wholesale […]

Travel Bag

This is the ultra slim, secure Hajj and Umrah Neck Bag designed especially for women, men and children who are travelling for Hajj or Umrah. This secure Neck bag has 3 zipped pockets for you to carry all of your most important items safely while you perform one of the most life changing experiences of […]

Lades Ihram

This Ihram is made from Cotton Of Pakistan and made to a very high quality. Pure White Ihram Size: length – 236 cm (93 inches) Width – 122 cm ( 48 inches) Material: 100% cotton Ihram are non-stitched and well packaged with both pieces folded carefully. The thickness of Ihram will absorb high amounts of […]

Odourless Soap

    Hajj season is around the corner, and today we wanted to share a really cool product with you all. Maybe you’re getting ready to make the amazing journey of a lifetime- or maybe you know someone who’s going to be going. Either way, this is a product you’ll want to keep in the […]